There is no time, at which ties do not matter.

Berlin, 2014.

The previous exhibition „Per dopo la guerra“ („For after the war“), found the core of its motivation and goal in the roaring incipit of Walter Gropius´ Bauhaus Manifesto: „Das Endziel aller bildnerischer Tätigkeit ist der Bau!“ – which underlines the strong responsability and the necessary constructive urge of any visual art research, in this case particularly, in painting.

„You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete“ – it is looking at this famous quote from R. Buckminster Fuller,  that the exhibition „There is no time, at which ties do not matter“ attempts, in a light and yet not casual way, to sort out thoughts and ideas according to an order, which is modelled on different options and dimensions, through the three vectors of the xyz axis.

These are not mere metaphores using architecture as a background, but declarations of an intent that draws the lines for its structure from rules we usually apply to architecture planning, to something we would even define „more practical“, or concrete.

Less figurative than usual, this exhibition plays with the definition of the space in which figures move and would like to move, and tries to blur the line dividing the space/enviroment we can imagine in our mind and the one we can actually build.